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Professor, Science Editor KLAUS DODDS: Editor, Editing and Edited: Reflections on editing books and academic journals

For five years I edited the Royal Geographical Society’s journal of record, The Geographical Journal (2010–2015) and in 2019 I take over as editor in chief of Territory, Politics and Governance, a journal published by the Regional Studies Association. Both journals are integral to the work that learned societies perform in the UK and beyond. Being editor of such journals means that you are part and parcel of a wider assemblage of intellectual labour, public debates, brand management and expressions of reputation, policy-related activities, and publications. So the work of editor and accompanying editing practices are rather different to the editorial relationships I have had with other journals (owned and managed by publishing companies) and more discreet editorial book collections.
More generally, the role of editor is not just about editorial judgements but also about being prepared to be edited as well – making judgements about when to edit and when not to, learning how to respond to the editorial reactions of others and being attentive to the intersectional and embodied qualities of the academy and publishing industry. Speaking from a UK perspective, it is impossible to speak of academic publishing without recognising the significance of successive research excellence frameworks (REF), publishing pressures, citation factors and journal indices of ‘quality’ and enduring concerns about the intensification of academic hierarchies via the introduction of teaching and knowledge excellence frameworks (TEF and KEF).

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Wednesday 7 November 2018
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Klaus Dodds at RHUL (UK)
Regional Studies Association https://www
Royal Geographical Society https://www.rgs.org/
Territory, Politics and Governance https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rtep20/current
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