Contract model No. 2 for Suomen Tiedekustantajien liitto r.y. - Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing

Version 2000 / 1 / 15.12.1999; updated 11.11.2009

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Contract model No. 1
Contract model No.3

(For a text to be published as a book)

The relation between the contract and the general terms of contract
As far as the specific terms of this contract are concerned, the model contract of the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing is valid, as it was the day this contract was signed and confirmed by signatures of the parties.

Contracting parties

1. ______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher

2. ______________________________ and ______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Author/the Authors.

Object of contract
The object for the contract is the manuscript of the Author/the Authors,

_________________________________________________________________________ hereinafter called the Work. The Authors portions are divided as is stated in the appendix.

Deadline for the manuscript
The manuscript is handed over to the Publisher by the ____ of ____________.20___, in accordance with the requirements normally made by the Publisher and known to the Author/the Authors.

Publishing of the work
The Work is first published in print/on a server chosen by the Publisher or in another electronic form chosen by the Publisher.

By a republishing, the provisions of the model contract are applied.

Costs of production and publishing
The Author does not/the Authors do not take part in the costs of production and publishing of the Work/takes/take part in the costs of production and publishing of the Work up to _______ euros.

Author's fee
The Author is not paid a fee/the Authors are not paid fees/is paid a fee/are paid fees as stipulated below.
The fee is __________ euros/ ____ per cent of the net selling price of the Work, excluding value-added tax.

An amount of __________ euros is paid as an advance on completion of the manuscript/when the Work is published. The rest of the fixed fee is paid by ________________. The fee according to the sales is accounted for annually, following the Publishers practice.

If the authors fee is based on sales and if the Work has sold, the publisher must deliver an account to the author within six months from the end of the year. The account must include details regarding the turnover, as well as the number of printed copies left at the start of the year.

Author`s copies
The Author receives/the Authors receive _______ Authors copy/copies of the Work/access to the database or publication in other electronic form, where the Work is first published.

Integrating the model contract
Regarding the purpose of contract, the rights and responsibilities of the Publisher and the Author/the Authors, republishing and reprints or new editions, the validity of contract as well as settling disputes, the model contract of the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing referred to above, will be followed.

____________________ ____. ____. 20____


(On behalf of the Publisher)


(Signatures from all the Authors)